Treorchy RFC

The Zebras

Stripe it Lucky!

The weekly lottery of Treorchy RFC.

How to Play

Entry is £1 per ticket - just select 4 numbers from 1-25.

Match 4 numbers to win / share the jackpot
Match 3 numbers to win £25

Tickets are available from the Clubhouse; from a number of people in the local area or you can even play by Standing Order.

Play by Standing Order

Under construction

Rules and Regs

A summary of the rules and regs is below .  Full terms and conditions are published at the clubhouse.

The Promoter of Stripe it Lucky! is Mr Bryan James.
The draw is usually held at 1pm every Sunday at the Clubhouse (any changes to this date will be notified in advance with a minimum of 2 weeks notice).
50% of proceeds will go to the prize fund.
The Jackpot will be guaranteed to be no less than £1,000.
If there is more than 1 winning ticket with the 4 correct numbers, the prize money will be shared equally.
Consolation prize of £25 for 3 correct numbers.
All monies and tickets must be in by 12.30pm on the date of the draw.
The Promoter will not be responsible for collectors failing to meet the deadline.